Once you are ready to start live trading you need to open an account by filling in registration forms and submitting identity verification documents. Your account manager will contact you shortly to guide you through the platform settings, help you choose a right investment plan suitable for your trading experience and financial goals and answer all your questions. After that you can make a deposit through a number of secure payment methods such as credit/debit cards, Bitcoins or bank wire. Once it is processed you are good to get started!


If you are new to financial markets binary options present a great opportunity for you to start trading as trading on financial markets has never been that easy and rewarding. It is fast, transparent and exciting!


Below there is a trading algorithm of the most popular Classic Binary Options. You can also make yourself familiar with binary trading by practicing with our free Test Drive located on our Home page.




You may trade currency pairs a wide range or currency pairs on USD or Bitcoin account.




Expiry times of classic binary options vary from 15 minutes to several hours.




Minimum investment amount is only 5 UDS.




Predict the direction of price movement of the asset.




Enjoy high Payouts up to 88% if your investment is successful.



Congratulations! Now you have all necessary tools and basic understanding of how binary trading works. So, what now? It seems like a right time to start making a plan. Regardless of what your dreams and aspirations are, whether you plan to become a full time online trader or just supplement your income you need to be able to answer the following questions.


How good is my understanding of markets?


If you are an experienced market player you have nothing to worry about. Sit back, relax and enjoy trading process, executing orders on a fast and secure platform. If you a beginner trader you should understand that you do not need to have degree in economics and finance to take advantage of daily world’s news releases. Announcements about corporate profits, manufacturing reports, military conflicts affecting economic sectors, changes of energy prices etc. often trigger short-term and long term moves in the market. All you need to do it to learn not to overlook the essential information, analyze it and use to your advantage.


What trading strategies am I going to use?


Falcon Finance offers you 2 types of binary options: Classic Binary Options and Turbo options, so you have plenty of expiry times, assets and trading strategies to choose from. Whether you want to trade 60-second expiry or long term options, whether you base your predictions on the findings of fundamental or technical analysis, you should always have a clear picture of your strategic approach and avoid unreasonable risks. At Falcon Finance we provide our traders with comprehensive educational materials, such as video tutorials, daily market updates and introduction to trading strategies. Your account manager is always on a standby to assist you and answer all your questions.


How am I going to manage my money?


Every trader is inevitably facing two questions: what is the right amount to deposit on a trading account and how much to invest in every trade. As a rule of thumb your investment amount should never exceed 5% of your account balance. Successful trading is all about achieving the balance between risk and reward and understanding that some losses are a normal part of the daily trading routine. So you should carefully consider your investment options and keep in mind that it is always recommended to have a sufficient cushion of capital on your trading account that will help you to recover from a losing streak or allow you to increase investment amount when likelihood of winning is very high.


Am I going to use leverage?


Trading leverage or bonus is a rather controversial subject in the binary industry as it has been badly misused by some brokers in a way of establishing unreasonable withdrawal conditions which must to be met prior to withdrawing funds. Falcon Finance is a safe broker and our bonus policy is clearly communicated to the traders. If you do not understand the concept of leverage, please contact your account manager for help.


Do I have a right mind-set to succeed?


Ability to handle pressure and discipline are very important psychological aspects of binary options trading. You should accept the fact that the only way not to have losing trades in not to trade at all and understand that as long as winning occurs more frequently you are on a right track. The worst thing a trader can do is to let his emotions influence his investment decisions. A streak of wins or losses can trigger strong feelings, such as overconfidence, greed, panic attack, fear, disappointment etc. Keeping emotions at check can be a tough task, but it can be accomplished by sticking to a set plan of action and applying proper money management techniques.


Risk management


Concept of risk management is about ensuring that occasional losses, which inevitably happen to every trader due to various reasons, such as unexpected market turmoil, psychological factors, application of an unverified strategy, misjudgment of economic events, etc., under no circumstances should affect the overall performance, that a trader should always be able to recover from an unfortunate streak of losses and restore his balance without depositing additional funds into his trading account.




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